Hey everyone, long time no see haha. For Valentine’s Day this year me and my family took a little day trip to LA so I decided to document what we ended up doing there. I actually made a vlog of my trip to so if you’d like to check it out it will be linked down below!


The first place that we stopped at was the fashion district. Since it was a Sunday only about 30% of the stores in the district were open but despite that I was still kind of overwhelmed by all of the fabric choices available since I’ve only really shopped for fabric at Joann’s.

Wow so much fabric

One of the stores that I really wanted to go to in the district was the Michael Levine loft but it was unfortunately closed on Sundays. The actual stores were open though so I ended up browsing those. Overall the district was pretty fun and I do want to come back on a day that more stores are open.

Backside of the Michael Levine store. 

After a couple of hours we decided that we were done exploring and decided to go to Little Tokyo because it wasn’t that far from the fashion district. We originally wanted to go eat at Shojin, a vegan Japanese restaurant located in the Little Tokyo Mall but since it was Valentine’s day they only had special meals that were 50$ per person so we ended up just eating food that we packed from home.

Third Floor of the Little Tokyo Mall. 

Once lunch was over we just explored more of the mall.There were so many cute little stores and dessert shops.

Pretty flowers on the ceiling.

Once we reached the bottom store we left the mall and started exploring Little Tokyo. The first place that we stopped at was Higashi Honganji Buddhist Temple. It was closed but we got to enjoy the beautiful plants surrounding the temple.

Little Tokyooo (2 of 6).jpg
These flowers looked like lotuses.
Little Tokyooo (3 of 6)
The temple!
Little Tokyooo (4 of 6)
Pretty Gardens.

Once we were done here we walked to the plaza. It was super crowded when we stopped there so we ended up just walking past and going to The Japanese American National Museum.

A busy day in the Plaza.
Walking to the Museum.
Internment camp barracks.

Once we were done with the museum we wandered around a bit more stopping by another Buddhist temple (which was also closed) and a couple of stores before heading back to the mall. Once we got back we got some food at Tom n Toms and then shopped at Daiso before heading back to our car.

Cool graffiti. 

Our last stop of the day was Griffith Observatory. It was a bit of a walk to get up there but there is a shuttle if you need it and the view of LA was so beautiful from there that I would definitely recommend that you go there if you’re in the area.

Griffith (1 of 1)
Everyone trying to capture the beautiful view. 
Little Tokyo (4 of 5)
Hello LA.
Little Tokyo (5 of 5)
Thanks for the view!

If you made it all the way down here thanks for reading! and if you want to see a more detailed version of what I did then don’t forget to check out my video.

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