Hey everyone! long time no see haha. It would take way too long to explain all of the reasons that I was gone, but now I plan to try my best to post on here regularly starting today. So back to the diy, I found these foam pumpkins the other day at a garage sale and thought that they would look really great with a coat of metallic spray paint and they did…until I left them outside when it was drizzling outside which resulted in little spots forming on them. I didn’t entirely hate them but I definitely wanted to cover up at least some of the spots so I decided to give two of the pumpkins a little nail polish ombre! I really like how they turned out and even though ~pumpkin season~ is over I still plan on using them until the new year. Onto the next diy, I saw a picture of a set of three candle holders spray painted with multiple colors on Pinterest a long time ago and finally got a chance to try them out! They were surprisingly easy to make and will be great to hold all of the candles I will be burning for the holidays. So if you guys are interested in learning how I made these then be sure to click on the video down below and I’ll see you next time!

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dxYvaLO0eA

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