Hey Everyone!

  Summer vacation is almost here so it’s a perfect time to make some new shorts for yourself. I’ve been seeing tropical pom pom shorts everywhere on the internet lately and I’ve been wanting to try making some. Also, someone commented on one of my videos asking me to make a tutorial on one so I thought that it was definitely time to make some. So about the shorts.. they are actually fairly simple to make it is actually one of the few projects that I was able to complete in one day. I decided to make mine two layers just because I wanted sturdier shorts that I would be able to wear out so I needed one yard of fabric but if you just choose to make this in one layer then you would only need about half a yard of fabric. Also, I ended up buying my pom pom trim at Walmart but since I had to buy two rolls I think that it might end up being cheaper to just buy 2 yards of the trim at Joanns with a coupon.  Anyways so on to the tutorial if you want to learn how to make these shorts then just watch the video below!





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