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Hey Everyone!

So I finally finished this project that I’ve been working on for so long. I’ve been in love with gridded clothing very since it started getting popular and wanted to make some clothing with that print. However, I could never find the perfect gridded fabric anywhere so I decided to make the design myself. I dried using inkodye, fabric spray paint from joanns and just regular fabric paint but none of them worked how I wanted it too. The inkodye seeped through so I couldn’t get perfect lines and the fabric spray paint didn’t even work for me-I’m not sure if I just had a faulty product but it would not spray evenly at all and even the regular fabric spray paint seeped through a bit. So then I decided to try regular spray paint that you could get at Walmart and it worked perfectly. Obviously the pattern isn’t the most durable in the world but it does hold up in the wash reasonably well as long as you don’t expose it to excess heat. I have ironed this skirt before though and the paint was completely fine. The shirt was pretty easy to make the design for but then the skirt did take some work. However, after a lot of draping and cutting I finally ended up with a pattern that I was happy with. Overall I do love how this project turned out and I hope that you guys will try it out.

The video for this project can be found here:

Pattern for the skirt:Geometric SkirtIMG_8050e


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